• snap billions

    Snapchat Joins $10 Billion Valuation Club

    Snapchat’s decision to reportedly rebuff Facebook’s $3 billion acquisition offer doesn’t look as silly today: according to a report from Bloomberg out this morning, the ephemeral messaging application may now be valued at $10 billion dollars, as it continues talking with investors, including Alibaba, about a new round of financing for its growing business. READ»

  • Economy in Asia

    Telecoms Are Not Learning From The EAC Integration

    Over the Weekend I decided to take a little vacation and because these days it is very easy to travel across East Africa thanks to the East African Community Integration I decided to visit Nairobi which is one of the beautiful cities in East Africa, I took a bus and one of the things I . READ»

  • cybercrime

    Uganda’s Business Community Decries Rise in Cyber Crime

    The business community in Uganda is on high alert. READ»

  • think

    Google Giving Away $1 Million In Little Box Challenge

    When was the last time you wanted to be a Millionaire but didn’t have a clue how, well I have good news for you so stopping having that ‘De Javu’ where you see your self on the beach with a cocktail and a Cuban and put your thinking cup on because Google is giving away . READ»

  • Sense

    Meet Sense: A System That Monitors Your Sleep Behavior

    Sleeps is one of the things we know so little about but takes 1/3 of our lfetime, after you black out at night you will never know what goes on until when maybe you wake up in the middle of the night when some dog is backing outside, well this is about to change with . READ»




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