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December 26, 2014

Africell’s Unsuccessful Attempt to Rebrand Orange Uganda before Christmas

Having spent more than six months in the process of acquiring Orange Uganda, Africell officially decided and announced plans to push the button on a rebranding exercise that would be in effect on December 23rd.

The news was first reported in text message sent to some Orange subscribers.

“Be the first to know that as of 23rd of December, Orange becomes Africell. Stay updated on,” read the SMS.

But the said website was, and is today, still showing “under construction” in a page titled “Coming Soon”.

The website still practically looks like an Orange website, except for the changed logo, and a [...]

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December 23, 2014

Sony Will Reportedly Sue Twitter And It’s Users Over Tweets With Hacked Emails

While Sony is still licking its post-hack wounds it’s going on the offensive about its leaked emails. Right now it looks like it’s going after Twitter and Twitter users.

Vice’s tech site, Motherboard reports that it has in its possession a letter from Sony lawyer, David Boies sent to Twitter’s general counsel Vijaya Gadde. In it, Sony says it will hold Twitter responsible any loss or damage arising from tweets from accounts Twitter hasn’t banned.

Twitter user Val Broeksmit also received a letter threatening legal action from Sony. Broeksmit has posted screengrabs of leaked Sony emails from his Twitter account.

How Sony will determine how an individual’s [...]

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December 19, 2014

Samsung is closing its ChatOn messaging service

Samsung’s free messaging app ChatOn which has over 100 million users since its launch in 20111 has failed to catch on around the globe. As a result, the company is shutting down the service on February 1, 2015, worldwide but not in the US.

The move is a reaction to the changing demands in the market,” and that the company will focus on health and mobile commerce instead.

Based on a  recent survey, users spent only six seconds per month on ChatOn, as opposed to 11 hours on Facebook and over an hour on Instagram.

This may be due to the popularity of rival messaging apps like WeChat, Line, and WhatsApp around the world, which dominate mobile messaging [...]

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Africell’s Unsuccessful Attempt to Rebrand Orange Uganda before Christmas
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