• think

    Google Giving Away $1 Million In Little Box Challenge

    When was the last time you wanted to be a Millionaire but didn’t have a clue how, well I have good news for you so stopping having that ‘De Javu’ where you see your self on the beach with a cocktail and a Cuban and put your thinking cup on because Google is giving away . READ»

  • Sense

    Meet Sense: A System That Monitors Your Sleep Behavior

    Sleeps is one of the things we know so little about but takes 1/3 of our lfetime, after you black out at night you will never know what goes on until when maybe you wake up in the middle of the night when some dog is backing outside, well this is about to change with . READ»

  • A Big Thank you (2)

    What Happens Online Stays Online

    Internet has brought a shift in the way we do things today, whether you are in San Francisco or Kampala this is the first time in civilization where you can get information instantly. READ»

  • internet

    Tips for creating successful websites

    Are  you on the habit of creating and building websites? Most start-ups often neglect and overlook  the fundamentals yet they determine the influence the website will have. READ»

  • facebook-2

    Facebook Now Worth $190 Billion

    After yesterday’s earnings report, Facebook is now worth more than Amazon. READ»




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